Moore Books with B. Sharise

If you are a teacher looking to expand your classroom library, a homeschooler, independent schooler, or a parent of an avid reader, struggling reader, or reluctant reader, this is the channel for you!

A new episode of Moore Books with B. Sharise will air each Sunday at noon on Youtube.

Moore Books with B. Sharise will provide:

1. Book suggestions for K-12 audiences

2. A mini-lesson, instructional strategy, or activity to complete with the book

3. Corresponding Common Core Standards for all activities and mini-lessons.

I plan to update the channel once a week. Thanks for stopping by! Hit the like button, comment, and subscribe! #MooreBooks#DiverseBooks

Episode #2: Chef Roy Choi and The Street Food Remix

Create Your Own Food Truck Extension Activity and Rubric (for use with Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix

Chef Roy Choi’s love affair with food began with his mother’s Korean dishes. Whether your favorite food is pizza or blackberry pie, chances are you can recall the excitement of sinking your teeth into something tasty. This activity gives you the opportunity to create your own Food Truck concept and corresponding menu. Receive a free downloadable copy of the extension activity here: